Message From the Principal
School Facade

Hello and welcome to Centre Elementary School, home of the “Little Warriors

Your children are why we are here as they are the products of our profession, which we take very seriously.   We take great pride in helping our students achieve at the highest possible academic levels.   I have often heard people say that today’s children are so much different than they were years ago.  I don’t really think it is as much the children being different as it is the world we live in being so different than it used to be, and it continues to change almost daily.  Because of this, it is our charge that we help our students cope, adjust, and most of all, learn from these changes.  We can’t sit still.  We try to provide a high quality education, delivered by highly qualified, caring, and passionate teachers, in a setting that is safe, nurturing, and child-friendly.  We believe that using the latest technological advancements within all of our curriculums will allow our students to keep pace with the very best in the world, especially since we have some of the very best that the world has to offer.

Please take time to come and visit our school and see the great things that are going on at CES!  We believe that you will be pleased by what you see. Our doors (and minds) are always open to new ideas that can make our school an even better place.  If you would like to share your ideas with us, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  A combined effort by school, home, and community, with the focus constantly on our children, will provide them with the best possible opportunities to be future success stories. We look forward to hearing from you.

All the best!

Wes Neyman

What Is Needed If Your Child Is Absent From School Due to Sickness...

Please send a doctor's excuse or a parent note/excuse* to the school.

*See the CCBOE attendance policy concerning absences and excuses (Code 6.1.4)

HNH FREE Flu Clinic NOV 13, 2023: ALL Cherokee County Schools

On-site flu vaccinations will be offered at each school to *all students during school hours. This is a free service provided to the students.

*Unfortunately, as of now, HNH Clinic will be unable to vaccinate the "PEEHIP-insured" children due to an exclusive contract with ADHP to provide all worksite wellness services for PEEHIP dependents. HNH Clinic understands that this is inconvenient and regrets not being able to offer PEEHIP families preventative care through the school-located vaccination clinics.